Nightgowns & Housecoats

I have always loved a vintage nightie or a housecoat, and definitely wear them as boho dresses or jackets. It can look so stylish if you get the accessories right, so don't be scared ladies - all you need is a bit of confidence to pull this off!

At the moment I'm loving 70's night gowns worn as dresses with boho jewellery & accessories, particularly big hoop earrings and a cool fedora! Housecoats can be worn as a vintage dress or kimono, but add a chunky belt so it doesn't just look like a housecoat - and trust me you will get compliments!

Flares or denim shorts also look fabulous under a long flowing housecoat with the bottom buttons left open.

The very best thing about this look is that if you end up having a late night you don't need to get changed before jumping into bed!