Summer Designs for the hippie heart.

Autumn is approaching and we're looking forward to all the orange, rusty, warm tones it brings - not to mention the fun we'll have layering and cozying up in some big ol' coats!

Here at All About Audrey we're still just a little bit caught up on this summer just passed! It was quite exciting for us as we finally got to release all the new designs that we had been working on.

Of course, we brought out our Peacock collection which so many of you beauties loved, but we also added lots of new styles focusing on feeling like a silky, summery, 70s, boho goddess with our pure 100% silk kaftans, angel sleeve wrap tops, and kimonos.

We also launched an entire range of ruched, strappy, crossover, and button-down drawstring jumpsuits - all with amazing prints like ditsy florals, paisley and bold graphic prints.

As with all our handmade dresses, tops, and skirts, two are very rarely the same! 



The Amazing thing about these is that even now they can also be layered up with some winter essentials like a turtleneck or over some leggings with big chunky boots! We've also been putting some thicker cotton fabric versions of these dresses on our shelves so keep a lookout! xxxx


Model: Marianne @mariannedamarisgeoffroy

Photographer: Feej