Bohemian Fashion: 5 Tips on Dressing the Bohemian Way

Sometimes you need a new fashion perspective to breathe new life into your personal style. If you're interested in embracing a look that's identical with creativity and a laid-back attitude, consider trying a bohemian look.


5 Tips to Style a Bohemian Look


1. Embrace a New Persona

Guaranteed, you might be a computer programmer or teacher by day. But there's no reason that your wardrobe can't express your inner creative trends. For example, you've always longed to sport the looks of a professional dancer, but never managed to hit the stage. Grab some fitted, leotards or scoop-necked tops with a flowing skirt. Tie your hair up in a chignon on the nape of your neck and practically scream "starving artist with underappreciated talent." Simply don a peasant blouse, minimalist makeup and natural, product-free hair style, if you choose to lean toward the more ethnic inspired bohemian look.

2. Return in Time

Try to instill multiple eras into your bohemian look. Bohemian style isn't essentially one that's fixed and easily identified to a particular time period. Instead, many bohemian devotees take elements from various eras and combine them into a playful, fun overall look. For example, wide belts straight out of the 1980s can be used over a long flowing maxi dress, so resist the desire to focus on a specific time frame when emerging your boho style. Instead, combine the best elements from all of your favorite eras! Besides looking marvelous, you'll be totally confident that you'll never bump into someone else wearing your one-of-a-kind outfit. 

3. Accessorize

The beauty of the bohemian look is that no piece of jewelry or other accessory is forbidden. So raid your jewelry box for long-forgotten pieces and hit the stores for a few new items to properly store your boho closet. Whether you choose a couple of selected items or flex your jewelry muscle with a bunch of pieces at once. When it comes to bohemian accessorising there are no rules.

Do some not-so-fancy footwork. Forget stilettos! Flip-flops, thong sandals with embellishments, wedge shoes and chunky boots  are common boho footwear. Don't forget the silver toe ring!




4. Take Risks

If your desire is to channel your inner bohemian, you'll have to learn to abandon your roots and embrace riskier fashion selections. The truth of the bohemian style is that it's not one that's easy to identify. Instead, it's all about pairing pieces that the more conventional dresser wouldn't think of putting together. Start by wearing bright colored combos. Next, play with patterns that a consistent fashionista might hesitate to pair. You'll be surprised what apparels look incompatible on the hanger, only to work together beautifully once you put them on. Remember, the boho style isn't about putting together as much as possible, it's about enjoying a good time with fashion.


 5. Go with the flow

Style dictates that the true boho fashionista must have some flowing, lightweight apparels in her collection. The following are needed to keep the free spirit approach of Bohemia. For example, airy peasant blouses or lightweight, ruffly skirts in eclectic patterns are staples of the boho fashion wardrobe. Another must-have is a maxi dress, which is usually long, non-binding and carefree in nature. Maxi dresses come in just around every color, design and fabric imaginable. Plus, they're so flexible that they can be easily dressed up or down, depending on your purpose.

For me I love anything 70's and I love all the old Indian prints, fabrics and styles !

If it's old and says made in India, I'll be having it!🌸🌸🌸

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