Winona Wide Leg Strappy Jumpsuit - Vintage Indian Sari - Porcelain, Turquoise & Mauve Floral Paisley - S/M


Simply Stunning Strappy jumpsuit with a Huge Wide Flare Leg, they are super floaty and flattering. Asymmetric Hemline looks almost like a dress when worn, and is perfect for summer!

There is a belt around the waist that can be pulled in, tied around or behind, to create a more fitted hourglass look, or can be left loose, like a slip dress. Straps are adjustable.

Fabric: Vintage Indian Sari - unknown quantity but feels like a silky viscose

Size S/M - Suggested best fit UK size 8 to 10/12

Chest maximum : 36 inches

Length: 40 inches (from top of bust to ankle)

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